Accounting Services for Law Firms

Do you feel like you are diving in a cage, surrounded by sharks? If you are a solo practitioner or are a member of a small law firm, you don’t have to do it all.

Diana can help you move to a cloud-based practice to get more billable hours into your workday, or just free up time to do things other than practicing law. Diana’s experience allows her to tailor services to your specific needs – you won’t be pushed into a package of services that you don’t need. If you just need help with your books, Diana is an accountant who understands three-way reconciliations for your trust accounts. You don’t need to worry about the compliance sharks!  If you want to take advantage of technology to make you and your team more productive, we bring solutions for practice management, document management and collaboration, expense documentation and substantiation, and receivables management for a truly paperless office.

After 12 years of systems implementation experience for large and diverse organizations, Diana knows the pain points involved with implementing a new system, how to manage the change and minimize the disruption. We won’t implement a system and leave you twisting in the current. Diana stands behind her work and provides three months of ongoing support for any new solution. If you opt for ongoing accounting services, we will of course be there as your accountant and support for products that we implement as long as we are working together.