In Mid-October, I noticed that although the attorneys that I work with were approving bills in Clio, they were stuck in Draft in Xero. “That’s no problem, I’ll just approve them manually in Xero” I thought. Then I noticed that changes in Clio to any bills in draft status prior to approval were not synching over to Xero. After some digging I saw that:

  • Adjustments that the attorney makes to the bill after the draft is saved were not incorporated
  • Wording changes that result in a client-ready bill were not being sent over
  • Payments are sent over, but since Clio and Xero bills are out of sync, there are invoices that remain open in Xero after they have been paid in Clio, and vice versa.

As a result, individual bill amounts and the total law firm receivables are out of sync. I contacted Clio about this and found that this is a known issue. The development team is working on it but there is no timeline for the fix or targeted fix date. This is incredibly problematic since Clio is not an accounting system and it is so critical to keep trust balances and AR reconciled. Doing so requires comparing the two systems which for a larger practice with multiple attorneys and clients is a time intensive process. Clio support provided the following solution:

  1. Go to Settings by clicking the Gear icon on the top right corner
  2. Go to Bill Syncing
  3. Click Unlink Xero Account and then relink it again
  4. Wait 24 hours to see if these bills get pushed over to Awaiting Payment

Clio support may not have tested this workaround, because it does not work for the accounts that I have linked to Xero. If you are faced with the same problem, try the approaches that I am using to keep the systems in synch:

  1. Turn off interface until all bills are approved; then turn it back on AFTER ALL bills have been approved. This will only work if the law firm creates bills for all clients at the same time. Any bills produced mid-cycle will remain in draft status in Xero.
  2. For all bills in Draft status in Xero, compare the bill in Clio to identify when it’s been approved. Review each bill line by line, compare to assure that all changes are incorporated, double check to make sure that totals agree between Clio and Xero, and manually approve the bill in Xero.

If you have another approach that works, or would like help with reconciling your systems, please contact me.