I recently decided to focus my practice on Xero. Xero, the accounting system, just in case you didn’t know and didn’t want to ask. Why on earth would I decide to focus my practice on supporting clients with this software that most of the business world hasn’t even heard of?

It’s simple. I mean, Xero is simple. It’s the first accounting software that I’ve run into that I really, intuitively understand. Maybe it’s the layout, or it thinks like I do. I suspect that it was designed to work like an accountant’s brain.

It’s flexible. Xero was designed with an open architecture that encourages software developers to create cool apps that work with it to extend Xero functionality. As a result, Xero doesn’t have to be everything to everyone; it just has to be a good solid GL package. Looking for just the right add-on for a client feels like going to the mall with a visa gift card. I get to go shopping and get something cool that is going to make a difference, make a company more efficient, and make their owners more money…and I get paid to do it!

It’s cool. Really cool. Xero didn’t do what everybody else was doing. Xero decided to make it easy, and fun, and cutting edge, to be in the business of helping businesses with one of the most important aspects of their business. I get fired up when I talk to a client about what we can do, and how easy we can make it for them to see their financial results real time. About the time that we can save so they can go work on their business, not in their business.

It works. I get excited about the value I can add to a business when I’m not stuck on the phone with a help desk trying to troubleshoot some arcane issue. The time I spend on a client’s problems is spent solving business problems, not software issues.

A Xero-focused practice is one that makes sense for me. When I’m in my power alley I can look at a business from the top level, identify trends to capitalize on or correct, challenge the owners to think differently about what they do, and find ways to get more out of what they do every day. I can’t do that if I’m in the weeds, fighting with bank reconciliations and journal entries. I can do it when I have the right tools, and for me, the right tool is Xero.