Welcome to Deep Dive Financial


Dive into our services for solo attorneys and small law firms with tax preparation, accounting, and legal technology selection and deployment.

We do what we say we will do and maintain the highest standards for our work. We provide the same respect to our clients that we ask of them. We do not venture outside of our expertise, and when occasional questions arise, we seek outside, qualified counsel.

Our services are not a commodity. Our rates reflect our expertise and the value that we provide to our clients – from proactive tax planning and opportunity identification to daily responsiveness to our clients’ needs.

Deep Dive Financial has roots in the Big 4 and continues the tradition of integrity and excellence. Diana has 20 years of experience with a Big 4 firm practicing in the areas of financial and operational systems selection and implementation, change management, accounting and auditing.

Who is Diana Halenz?

Diana spent nearly 20 years of her career with Deloitte, working in the areas of revenue enhancement, process improvement, health care reform, public finance, and technology adoption. She has worked with businesses across the country and with state level agencies in Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Kentucky. After a very satisfying career working with multi-million dollar businesses and public agencies, she struck out on her own in 2013 to explore different interests, one of which is scuba diving.