Tax planning, preparation, compliance and accounting support for multi-state businesses and their owners

Deep Dive Financial


We do what we say we will do and maintain the highest standards for our work. We provide the same respect to our clients that we ask of them. We do not venture outside of our expertise, and when occasional questions arise, we seek outside, qualified counsel.

Deep Dive Financial


Our services are not a commodity. Our rates reflect our expertise and the value that we provide to our clients – from proactive tax planning and opportunity identification to daily responsiveness to our clients’ needs.

Deep Dive Financial


Deep Dive Financial has roots in the Big 4 and continues the tradition of integrity and excellence. Diana has 20 years of experience with a Big 4 firm prior to starting Deep Dive Financial in 2014.

Diana Halenz

Meet Diana Halenz, CPA, MT

Diana spent nearly 20 years of her career with a national firm prior to starting her self-named CPA firm licensed in Florida and doing business as Deep Dive Financial. The firm is small and the client list is limited to allow us an intensive understanding of each client and business that we work with.

Deep Dive Financial was named to reflect our love of details and for our love of the underwater world.