Tax & Business Services

Tax planning happens all year long as we work with our clients in changing internal and external environments. Our client base is small and we know each business intimately, which allows us to craft options to optimize our clients’ operations and tax situation. We guide our clients through entity selection and when warranted, entity changes to meet the strategic objectives of the business owners.

If you are confused about the tax implications of your crypto investments, trades, and NFTs, we can help. Digital assets are treated differently than financial investments such as stocks and bonds. Contrary to popular belief, Section 1031 exchanges are now limited to real estate, but wash sale rules don’t apply - yet. Schedule time with us to discuss your needs and how we can help you with planning to get the best tax results within the current guidance.

Tax planning and compliance is only as good as the underlying records. Our tax clients are required to use professional bookkeeping services. We offer accounting and bookkeeping services in house or can refer clients to trusted bookkeepers.